Take back control of your social feeds.

Do you find your social media feeds are overcrowded with depressing stories, politics and negativity? Sadblock gives you effortless control over hiding those posts that you just don't need to see.

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What is Sadblock?

Sadblock is a browser extension that hides certain types of posts from social media while you browse. Current categories include sad stories, political posts, climate change posts, and those that include common trigger words. Our aim is give the control back to those who wish to view the web in a more positive light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't this discourage people from being informed of what's happening around the world?

Do you really need to read about puppies being burned alive, or the last remaining rhinos on earth being poached by terrible people to remain informed? Do you really need to hear about the 10th mass shooting this year, or the 100th fatal car accident, or that yet another pleasure in your life will almost certainly give you cancer to know and understand that the world is a deeply troubling place?

At Sadblock we trust you already know the planet is struggling and that people all around the world are dying in terrible ways, and we won’t judge you for wanting to turn off the sad for a little while. Someone will bring it up at the water cooler tomorrow anyway.

I don't really find the internet that depressing. Is it still worth installing Sadblock?

Probably not. Are you sure you're okay though?

Are there other areas where I can use my imagination to pretend that a given reality doesn't exist?

For sure. Did you get fired? Are the wife and kids leaving you? Do you have an inoperable brain tumor? In our opinion, imaginations are ineffective. Try vodka.

Does it also work on politics?

If the politicians are punching babies, then yes. If you would like to see all other politics removed from the internet we will require a small loan of 1 million dollars.